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Can Conflict Lead to Innovation?

conflict lead to innovation

The Relationship Between Conflict and Innovation Suzette Kent has been serving as the Federal Chief Information Officer at the Office of Management and Budget since early 2018 and in that time has been addressing a number of challenges related to IT and cybersecurity recruitment, modernizing IT best practices, and private sector partnerships, and more. All … Continued

Creating Innovation Value

Creating Innovation Value

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, researchers Peder Inge Furseth and Richard Cuthbertson discuss their findings from a review of innovation case studies from corporate leaders such as Borders, Amazon, Apple, Xerox, and Kodak. They’ve found that oftentimes, companies spend more time and resources building out their innovation capacity, but not actually building out … Continued

10 Top Innovation Podcasts to Inspire You Today

Innovation Podcasts

If you’re like us, you love podcasts! You look to them for information on trends, emerging technologies, psychology studies, and more. How I Built This What It Is: Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. Favorite Episode: Instagram: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger Why We Like It: You … Continued

Is Your Company Culture Anti-Innovation?

In a recent article from Harvard Business Review, researchers reported that one of the most common barriers to innovation is internal politics. But the second most commonly cited barrier was cultural issues. When we looked at that response, we were wondering how a company culture might be inhospitable to innovation and we looked at some … Continued

The Role of Women in Innovation

Role of Women in Innovation

A scroll through my LinkedIn today is pretty powerful. I see numerous organizations profiling and celebrating their “First Female CEO” or “Women in Charge of Blockchain” or “the Female Entrepreneurial Movement.” It’s exciting to see a more balanced future of the workplace and think that pioneering new ideas are already being championed and redeveloped by … Continued