What is a Conference Feedback Survey?

Conference feedback surveys are sent out to participants after they attend a conference to learn from them the areas which can be improved and those that they appreciate. Insights collected [...]

What is a Conference Feedback Survey?2021-02-19T05:44:20+00:00

Can Ideation Build Community?

Ideas pull us together. The history of communities shows they're formed around ideas. Those ideas can be anything from colonizing space to just the idea that this particular place on [...]

Can Ideation Build Community?2021-02-25T20:09:30+00:00

Do You Know What Open Innovation Is?

In case you hadn’t heard, open innovation was defined by Henry Chesbrough as “a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, [...]

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IdeaScale on RomiCast

This week, IdeaScale’s President, Rob Hoehn, was interviewed on RomiCast (a podcast curated by the Market Research resource center: ResearchAccess). The topic was feedback, but the featured discussion ranged all [...]

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The Age of the Comment Card is Over

There are numerous ways to communicate with your network these days. You can build customer forums, tweet, fill out online surveys… certainly you can build online communities with IdeaScale… you [...]

The Age of the Comment Card is Over2022-04-05T19:40:48+00:00