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How to Create Clarity of Purpose in an Innovative Environment

Group of co-workers discussing a project.

Innovation is sometimes at odds with what many managers want, which is to improve the efficiency with which current processes operate. While innovation can and should improve efficiency, it often steps outside “how it’s done” to develop new ways of thinking and doing. When a company or other organization has a clear purpose, it’s easier … Continued

What Makes an Organization Innovative?

What Makes an Organization Innovative?

Is your organization innovative? We’d likely all think ‘yes’ without hesitation. But in truth, what makes an organization an innovator, whether it’s a non-profit attacking a problem from new angles or a private company looking for a leg up on its competitors, is more than a question; it’s a set of skills to be cultivated, … Continued

The Value of an Innovation Mentor

value of an innovation mentor

Lots of businesses utilize mentors – from start-ups to the Fortune 500 and they’re using them for a variety of performance goals. They’ve found that more employees have a positive experience if they’re mentored, but business owners have even reported higher revenues and more growth if they’ve received mentoring. So, in the age of business … Continued

Introducing IVAN: Crowdsourced Environmental Issue Tracking

It happens rather frequently, I’ll be driving through a spray of pesticide or I’ll notice a car that is chugging black smoke behind it down the highway.  It’s a terrible blight on my experience, but also on the environment and what makes me so annoying to be around is that there’s generally nothing to do … Continued