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Three Real World Examples of Crowdsourcing in Education

Examples of Crowdsourcing in Education

Education is about more than going to class. In education, flexibility, creativity, and thoughtful application are rewarded. That’s made schools of all levels and the wider education industry that supports them a fruitful ground for crowdsourcing approaches. Three schools, in particular, have used crowdsourcing to make changes for the good of students. Columbia University Columbia … Continued

What Makes Switzerland a Leader in Innovation?

Switzerland a Leader in Innovation

Switzerland takes the first place in the rating of the World Intellectual Property Organization on the level of innovation development. This is the sixth time that the country has achieved the top five. This year, Sweden takes the second place, while Great Britain takes the third one. How have they achieved these results? Here are five … Continued

How to Silicon Valley Your Business

Silicon Valley Your Business

Every year, thousands of companies send their employees to Silicon Valley to visit start-ups and enterprises. They’re hoping these employees can understand and absorb some of the innovation magic and energy here and disseminate it throughout the rest of their organization. Some companies even establish permanent company outposts to have a constant pulse on emerging … Continued

The State of Innovation in Education

State of Innovation in Education

I was surprised to read the findings of a recent survey in which researchers found that only 38% of graduates reported that their educational establishment was at the forefront in adopting innovations. And yet, I hear employers say all the time that the reason they’re excited to hire folks right out of college, is because … Continued

The US Tops this List of the Most Innovative Countries in the World

US Tops this List of the Most Innovative Countries in the World

From sea to shining sea, America’s real promise is innovation. Where does the US stand in terms of innovation? While headlines bemoan middling academics and economic struggles, it turns out that innovation, tracked by the number of patents filed between 1977 and 2015, rules the roost in America. In fact, if states were independent countries, … Continued