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Breakthrough Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation

A breakthrough can be an even bigger deal than a disruption. Aren’t breakthrough innovation and disruptive innovation the same thing? It’s a common question when building innovation strategy. After all, the car, the telephone, the smartphone, the electric car, the solar panel, weren’t these all breakthroughs that were also disruptive? In a sense, yes. But … Continued

What is Disruptive Innovation?

What is Disruptive Innovation?

Many companies dream of developing the next big jump in innovation. They want to create the next iPhone, the next Swiffer, or the next viral app. Successfully creating and capitalizing on disruptive innovation requires a commitment to the changes it causes. This includes changes inside the organization, which can cause discomfort and turn “the way … Continued

Disruptive Innovation at the Cutting Edge: the Impact Series

Today we have a post by guest author, Benjamin Seifried. An expert and an experienced writer in the field of innovation, Seifried is an editor for PreScouter Journal. The Impact Series by PreScouter presents a panel of researchers at the cutting edge of innovation discussing the impact of emerging technologies and research and development projects. Moderated by Kelly Gibbs, … Continued