Innovation or Disruption: What’s Your Aim?

The terms “innovation” and “disruption” are commonly used in today’s business world. Often, they’re treated as interchangeable, but they’re not the same thing. Innovation takes a vision and turns [...]

Innovation or Disruption: What’s Your Aim?2021-02-25T18:42:39+00:00

How Does Technology Influence Innovation?

In a recent round of research, I was reviewing adoption rates for new technologies. It took over 55 years for automobiles to reach 80 million people, whereas the internet was [...]

How Does Technology Influence Innovation?2021-02-25T19:40:28+00:00

Research is Collaborative

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is an open, networked community that brings together science, data and information technology practitioners. ESIP is supported by NASA, NOAA,  USGS and 110+ member organizations [...]

Research is Collaborative2021-02-25T19:40:51+00:00

3 Reasons Healthcare Needs Idea Management

It’s hard enough to keep up in a complex industry like healthcare. But just wait till healthcare is disrupted as dramatically as retail or music has been over the past [...]

3 Reasons Healthcare Needs Idea Management2021-02-19T05:45:43+00:00

Disruptive Is Not a Dirty Word

Disruptive isn't a dirty word, but it can be a scary one. Why does the word “disruptive” raise such fear among so many people? You can argue it's a buzzword, [...]

Disruptive Is Not a Dirty Word2022-04-05T20:38:36+00:00