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4 Ways To Invest In Your Employees’ Creativity

Employees Creativity

Is your organization centralized or decentralized when it comes to innovation? In a company where innovation is centralized, a specific department is tasked with innovating for the entire organization. The downside of using this model is that buy-in from other departments may be hard to achieve as the innovation department may seem out of touch … Continued

Successful Product Development Campaigns Highlight the Power of Crowdsourcing

successful product development

Smart crowdsourcing yields successful product development Product design teams can often feel they lack the most important voice in the process: The consumer. Fortunately, crowdsourcing tools allow the innovation process to involve consumers every step of the way. From toy companies to coffee to hotels, here are brands that leveraged crowdsourcing to encourage innovation. Lego Lego … Continued

Give Your Customers a Voice with Crowdsourcing

Give your customers a voice with crowdsourcing

If you’re like many companies, you’re already aware of the importance of the “voice of the customer”. Customers will share their thoughts and feelings whether you give them a platform or not. Too many businesses simply let customers say what they will, and feel powerless to control it. Fortunately, you aren’t powerless – far from … Continued

The Customer-Product Relationship, in Real-Time

The internet is wallpapered with customer feedback – frustrated customers publicly tweeting complaints, exuberant followers checking the Facebook page of their favorite company, and engaged end users submitting product suggestions directly to a company’s website. Easy access enables constant communication between companies, both large and small, and their consumers. This variety of channels to communication can be beneficial to consumers, and to companies: Social media … Continued