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Embracing a Culture of Continuous Learning in Government

Group of colleagues sitting on the grass outside discussing ideas.

We never stop learning, on a personal level, and that should be transferred over to the professional world. Yet, prioritizing continuous learning can sometimes be a difficult task in government. Here’s what you need to know to implement continuous learning to breed innovation leadership, at all levels. Build A Learning Mindset It all starts with … Continued

How HR Impacts Corporate Innovation

People, train, empower, reward written on a chalkboard.

The right people make the difference in innovation. Human Resources is sometimes overlooked as a source of innovation. Yet, in many ways, it’s the wellspring of innovation; HR departments recruit, hire, train, and support the individual employees of an organization who will make up the innovative teams that drive your company forward. So how can … Continued

How to Build a Company Culture That Promotes Innovation

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Your innovation strategy should be as unique as your employees. Fundamental to any form of innovation in any company is the voices of employees. Your employees know your company, product, and customer base better than anyone else in the world, but getting them to discuss what they’ve learned can be a challenge. How can companies … Continued

ROI on Innovation

Developing a culture of learning Defining Innovation For years “innovation” has been the business-world hot shot. I’ve heard business leaders say “Let’s innovate,” or “we need to stay innovative,” or “only hire the next generation of innovators.” Great. Fantastic. The boss has spoken. But what does innovation actually mean? I challenge you to develop your … Continued