What’s the Purpose?

Purpose.  Goal.  Mission.  You hear these words a lot this time of year.  Not because it’s the start of the annual business planning cycle but because it’s graduation season. Across the country, commencement speakers and wise family members espouse the

Collaboration requires shared space

Michael Schrage is a Research Fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business. He is the author of several critically acclaimed books, including No More Teams!: Mastering the Dynamics of Creative Collaboration. The major theme of his book

How Design Thinking Promotes Innovation

It’s well known that design thinking is a creative problem-solving process, which focuses on reaching solutions that were previously inaccessible. To the trained eye, this may ring a bell as a common goal of innovative thinking as well. In reality,

The 8 Top Collaboration Tools for Your Workplace

Your company is a team. All the different departments are working for one goal: to sell and develop your product. But how is this possible if your team isn’t on the same page? Social collaboration tools can help you meet