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Trust and Transparency: Twin Keys to Engaging Citizens in Government Innovation Initiatives

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Governments need the trust of their stakeholders to function. Such trust is built through transparency, in every sense. Both trust and transparency become especially important when pursuing an innovation strategy at the government level. The Transparency/Trust Loop Transparency is fundamental to any government simply because good government represents all citizens and is funded in various … Continued

Strengthening Democracy using Real Time Governance

Real Time Governance

What is real time governance? Real Time Governance is an ideal democratic and citizen empowerment process where citizen involvement is amplified using online feedback platforms such that “opinion” translates into governmental policy. The first such initiative was launched by the the Obama Administration in 2009 under the name of Open Government Initiative (OGI). This created … Continued

Why Should the Public Vote on the Ideas of Government Employees?

These days, it’s easy to feel apathetic and frustrated by politics and government in general. It often feels as though your voice is not heard, that special interests and corporations are more important than the citizens at large. But luckily, there are factions of the government that are realizing the futility folks are feeling, and … Continued

How Solving for Social Change is Different than Process Improvements

One idea can change the world. This concept is at once hard to wrap your head around and also patently obvious. While crowdsourcing and innovation challenges can be useful in a corporate or business setting, recently some of the biggest, most impactful innovation initiatives have been focused around social change. Even stepping beyond that, they … Continued