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4 Ways Innovation Can Increase Business Revenue

source: Pexels In a recent study, researchers looked at different businesses and saw that the more the employees generated innovative ideas that management was likely to adopt, the higher the probability was that said company would grow its profits annually. At the other end of the spectrum, companies with little to no new ideas generated … Continued

Develop Your Annual Innovation Strategy

Develop Your Annual Innovation Strategy

It’s that time of year when organizations close the books for the current year and start focusing on the next. As you work through your annual planning, it’s important to consider your annual innovation strategy as well. This type of planning makes innovation projects far more effective and helps ensure ongoing support from leadership. Preparing … Continued

Artists and Entrepreneurs Find Solutions in Crowdfunding

In the current frosty economic climate, many entrepreneurs and artists are finding themselves in a funding wasteland, waiting for fiscally brighter days when grants and investors are less tight-fisted. Thanks to the growing movement in crowdfunding, websites that match projects with a variety of investors, entrepreneurs and creatives can once again find the cash they … Continued