A Love Note to Lurkers

There was a lot of talk at this year’s Open Nation about the number of lurkers in IdeaScale communities: those community members who sign on, create a profile and view [...]

A Love Note to Lurkers2022-04-05T21:18:28+00:00

5 Innovation Engagement Best Practices

More and more companies are inviting their employees to participate in company-wide ideation. Companies that do this contribute to overall innovation program health by ensuring a healthy top of the [...]

5 Innovation Engagement Best Practices2021-02-25T20:28:36+00:00

Profile: Fillim

I was hipped to Fillim through a filmmaker friend of mine who is always working on another short film. I mean, this guy works third shift all night, goes to [...]

Profile: Fillim2022-04-05T19:45:00+00:00