Harness The Innovative Power Of Your Slack Network With IdeaScale

IdeaScale + Slack:

Slack is a collaboration tool for the workplace that comes powerfully in a channel. Integrating with the IdeaScale app in a dedicated space allows you to message your colleague to share information for any project, topic, or team. Unlike email, you can focus more on specific issues and share your brainstorming idea and innovation with the right person. Whenever a specific event occurs, Slack will notify you through the IdeaScale app and keep your activity focused.

Why choose Ideascale

How It Works

Let your teammate enable the app for Slack to share their idea and collaborate from any location in real-time. Install the IdeaScale ↔ app for Slack to allow your collaborators. Submit your ideas and innovations directly from Slack to IdeaScale. Leverage your IdeaScale initiatives, prioritize and implement the best idea from you or your teammate and build a future together.

Submit your ideas

Step 1

Go to Slack where the IdeaScale app is integrated. Input “/Ideascale submit” and you will get a dropdown menu to choose a campaign.

Choosing the campaign you will have a pop-up where you can submit your idea in a community.

Step 2

Once you submitted your idea to a community, a link will be given to go the community.

Following the link, you can enter the main IdeaScale app.

IdeaScale Community

Step 3

Now, login into the IdeaScale community. The moderator can approve new members and ideas requests.

Be a part of the community and drive with new ideas.

You Will Never Lose Your Innovation Integrating Slack With IdeaScale

Slack helps you to innovate your idea where everyone from an organization comes together in one place. It helps you to work faster, stay in sync and communicate. One can also configure a web application to get notified to a Slack channel. Whenever a certain event occurs, it notifies everyone in that channel. Anyone from the organization remotely communicates and coordinates through Slack from any place in real time.

Innovation Management Software IdeaScale

Share Ideas

Share your idea and innovation to Slack.

Idea and Innovation Management Software IdeaScale Services

Collaborate With The Team

Get everyone in the team to collaborate togather.

Innovation Management Software IdeaScale Crowd

Implement The Best

Let the idea be implemented in the best way.