Gapingvoid is the originator of Culture Science™ and End-to-end Innovation Culture Design™. Over the last dozen years, they have developed a proprietary methodology that measures, designs, and executes organizational culture at scale, with a special focus on cultures of innovation.

Organizational cultures must be designed in order to deliver sustainable outcomes. The deliberate design and programming of culture is the most powerful way available to drive organizational effectiveness. High-performance Innovation, in particular, norms and behaviors that deliver collaborative, transparent, and communication-rich environments can only be achieved when the correct, deliberately designed, culture is in place. The execution of an agile, change-driven mindset is both a top-down and bottom-up affair and needs to be designed accordingly.

This presentation will highlight how to design an innovative culture and make it work for your organization to give employees what they really want: a deep, emotional and rewarding connection to their work, their leadership, and one another. No matter where they are.

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