SNP Founder & CEO, Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither, has long held a commitment to continuous improvement and product innovation. In 2019, Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither decided to start accessing the collective intelligence of the global network of SNP employees and partners to help develop a plan for the future by launching a cloud-based innovation community on IdeaScale’s technology.

What’s Inside

Learn how SNP

  • invited employees to share ideas around new products, cost savings opportunities, and OneSNP
  • Incentivized participation with their annual SNP Innovate Award
  • Implemented 13 ideas right away with others slated for future projects.

“From a technical point of view or an organizational point of view, IdeaScale is a great tool. Our job is to fill it with life.”

-Thorsten Hoppart, Knowledge Management Team Lead, SNP

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