Established in 1914, MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Many MSA products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. The company’s comprehensive line of products is used by workers around the world in a broad range of industries, including the fire service, the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, construction, mining and utilities, as well as the military.

In order to challenge the status quo, the project team introduced [email protected]? (that is, “What To Fix” at MSA?) – a social media-like community launched using IdeaScale technology. Employees were encouraged to submit their ideas for reducing bureaucracy, eliminating “jams” (or simple everyday roadblocks) and streamlining processes to improve job efficiency. The team wanted a simple and transparent tool, and IdeaScale offered just that. The project team planned an exciting and disruptive marketing campaign designed to encourage engagement across the organization.

What’s Inside

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  • Achieved close to 100% participation
  • Sourced 50 new ideas
  • Empowered innovative thinking
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