The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) facilitates collaboration and public participation to foster conservation, protection and enhancement of the North American environment for the benefit of present and future generations, in the context of increasing economic, trade, and social links among Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

In recent years, the CEC set a goal to better integrate youth into its work and support youth innovation and creativity in a concrete way. The CEC Youth Innovation Challenge was designed to convene and support a community of young, environmentally- and socially-minded innovators and entrepreneurs in Canada, Mexico and the United States and connect them with one another. The Challenge invited youth aged 18-26 to submit science, technology and business innovations for a chance to pitch their idea to North America’s top environmental officials, receive $5,000 in project seed funding and meet with CEC experts.

What’s Inside

Learn how CEC

  • Leveraged a multi-channel campaign to reach out an international audience
  • Reached out and connected to a community of young innovators
  • Funded three new innovative, scalable, and replicable green growth ideas

“The CEC had a very positive experience working with IdeaScale and are looking at opportunities within the coming year to implement another crowdsourcing initiative,”  -Megan Ainscow, Acting Head of Communications, CEC

Commission for Environmental Cooperation