In 2016, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse created a new team to help continuously improve the organization’s performance in a few key areas: team member experience, workplace collaboration, fan development, and civic leadership (among others). In order to gather ideas and recommendation from the frontlines, they created a crowdsourced innovation community: the innoGRATE[R] where good ideas could be suggested and the rest of the community could vote on, research, refine, and support those ideas. In this community, instead of submitting ideas, community members submitted “cheese.” A number of those ideas/pieces of cheese were implemented over the years, but in an effort to re- invigorate interest and parallel the excitement around March Madness, the Cleveland Cavaliers innovation team introduced a tournament-style ideation challenge: Cheese Madness.

What’s Inside

Learn how the Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Engaged leadership as part of their outreach strategy
  • Saw a 500% increase in participation
  • Used daily reports to encourage innovation competition
  • and more!
Cleveland Cavaliers

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