Sunshine Coast Credit Union

With more than $700 million in assets, Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU) is a full-service co-operative financial institution serving over 17,300 members through 3 locations and mobile services. In [...]

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IdeaScale and TriHealth

Shannon Lively from TriHealth discusses her favorite feature of using IdeaScale: customer service.

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FDA and IdeaScale

Mark Ascione from the FDA discusses IdeaScale Open Nation 2019 and how the FDA improves on its innovation program.

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IdeaScale and the State of Michigan

The State of Michigan is known for its lakes, natural beauty and its friendly people, of which it employs more than 50,000. In 2010, gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder laid [...]

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Innovation Management with IdeaScale

In this video, IdeaScale customers discuss innovation management and how it works at their organizations. Learn how to change the lives of employees, students, customers, and beyond. [...]

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How to Fail Upwards Without Even Trying

Over the past six years, the University of Sydney TechLab wheeled out nearly every trick in the book in order to drive innovation in the organization. But how can [...]

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The Story of Our Proto-Innovation Model

Our key learnings from concept to delivery; implementing an online innovation platform to give our staff a voice, to developing a sustainable model for driving innovation. [...]

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