Winpak is a global packaging corporation with twelve manufacturing facilities in North America. They manufacture and distribute high-quality packaging materials and innovative packaging machines, primarily used for the protection [...]


2020 IM Awards: PSA

After making an evaluation of various idea generation platforms, PSA International adopted IdeaScale as their enterprise-wide innovation platform. The platform was named iCAN and it has become a resource [...]

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2020 IM Awards: NASA

In their NASA@Work community, anyone with NASA credentials can run challenges, share problems, and post solutions. The Center for Collaborative Excellence and Innovation (CoECI) team makes all that possible. [...]

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NASA’s Internal Crowd

This session will discuss best practices determined through NASA's past 8 years of running an internal crowdsourcing program. It includes best practices around engagement, process, and innovation storytelling. [...]

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IdeaScale and TriHealth

Shannon Lively from TriHealth discusses her favorite feature of using IdeaScale: customer service.

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FDA and IdeaScale

Mark Ascione from the FDA discusses IdeaScale Open Nation 2019 and how the FDA improves on its innovation program.

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Innovation Management with IdeaScale

In this video, IdeaScale customers discuss innovation management and how it works at their organizations. Learn how to change the lives of employees, students, customers, and beyond. [...]

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New Products, Better Processes

Covia discusses how their team launched IdeaScale to achieve effective crowdsourcing and how they have integrated IdeaScale into their stage Gate product development process. [...]

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