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IdeaScale Crowd is a turnkey crowdsourcing solution.

The hardest aspect of crowdsourcing is sourcing the right crowd and sustaining the volume and activity of that crowd. With IdeaScale Crowd’s crowdsourcing ideas platform, we’ve brought the crowd to you so that you can launch a challenge and solve a problem with the help of a curated group of 30,000 problem-solvers, design thinkers, and ideators.

Challenges with a traditional crowdsourcing platform:

  • Brand image and reputation linked to program success
  • Difficulty managing crowd behavior
  • Not enough time to communicate with participants
  • Initial activity slowing down
  • Unable to communicate with crowd throughout challenge
IdeaScale Crowd
Community and Challenge Management

Our challenge strategists utilize longstanding crowd mechanic expertise to control against slumps and encourage daily activity so that building a crowd is less work for you.

Post Any Challenge

IdeaScale Crowd members are design-smart, engineering-savvy, and creative—and can respond to any market research or co-creation challenge you’ve got!

Ongoing Engagement

All members participate in multiple challenges and improve the ideas of others. Our team handles the marketing and engagement of our crowd so that you don’t have to.

Types of Challenges

Challenges our crowd members have participated in include new product development, existing product improvement, market research, consumer insights, and much more.

Community Demographics

  • 36% of the ideators in IdeaScale Crowd are between the ages of 25-34 and 28% between 35-44, with 66% being male and 33% being female. 42% hold a bachelor’s degree, while 27% have a master’s degree.
  • 58% are employed full-time, and 15% are self-employed, with 54% working in the private sector and 26% working in the public sector.
  • Their occupations span business/financial operations, education/training, computer/IT, arts/design/media. 27% are in upper management, 15% are trained professionals, and 10% are in a self-employed/partner role.
  • Our crowd’s top areas of expertise cover everything from branding, marketing/communications, education/teaching, IT, architecture/engineering, writing/editing, food, health and wellness, and community outreach/volunteering.
  • Top campaign interests among our crowd include product development, design, branding, entrepreneurship, food, science & technology, social issues, and startups.

A Few of Our Customers

Freddie Mac
United Way
Air Force

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