Idea Software

Idea Software

What is Idea Software?

Idea software allows your company to collect and analyze ideas within your enterprise in an organized fashion. The process of implementing a crowdsourcing tool takes a team of administrators that help you to navigate the process seamlessly.

The Lifecycle of Innovation

Idea software allows its users to see the lifecycle of innovation in real time. First the software captures its users’ ideas and problem-solving suggestions. Secondly, it allows its users to comment and vote on winning ideas that can later be implemented. Ideas that failed can gather constructive feedback and be reworked for future opportunities.

Seeing is Believing

At IdeaScale, our administrators help you to launch a community and manage that community so that feedback is captured in real-time. The infographics allow you to see your data rendered in graphics so that you can see the big-picture and the details. Idea software is optimized and accessible from multiple touchpoints—mobile, desktop, tablet—are the most adaptable to its users.


Once an idea or problem-solving tactic has been captured, idea software allows you to take the next leap and implement the next big new idea to your product. As iterations on your final product are developed. Idea software allows your users to solicit continuous feedback in order to make your final product stronger.

Environment is Everything

Idea software is directly linked to the development of a collaborative workplace. By inviting innovation into your company landscape your company culture is bound to change. Employees and customers will recognize a shift in the way that ideas are encouraged, valued, and handled with respect. While collaboration has always existed in the business world, it has its limitations. Cloud-based crowdsourcing provides some anonymity by taking work politics out of the formula. Over time, this brand of collaboration will be second nature to your company culture.

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