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IdeaScale’s idea and innovation management solution supports organizations at every stage of the innovation lifecycle.

concept celection Idea portfolio

Idea Collection

Invite employees, customers and experts to collect ideas in your very own innovation community that is secure and safe. Collect ideas, conduct interviews, group sessions and much more with IdeaScale.


  • Idea Collection
  • Idea Analysis
  • Multimedia support
  • Social-Media Integration
Concept selection

Concept Selection

Select ideas and concepts from your own pool of innovation and drive the future of your product, service or feature update pipeline.


  • Idea routing to anyone
  • Idea portfolio
  • Identification of linked ideas
Project planning

Project Planning

Transform selected ideas into innovation drivers with project planning and progress mapping tools.


  • Project ownership and role management
  • Idea value and cost estimation
  • Proposal builder
Solution creation

Solution Creation

Prototype and test ideas with peers, customers or external testers and finalize your solution. Share progress reports with anyone or everyone in the organization.


  • Team-level custom staging
  • Configurable entry management
  • API Integration with popular platforms
Scaling innovation

Scaling Innovation

Create a culture of innovation to create a scalable pipeline of ideas to drive the future of your business. With IdeaScale, make it easy for anyone in the firm to collect feedback and test ideas.


  • Performance benchmarking
  • Customizable roles
  • Analysis and reporting
Innovation trend

Innovation Trend Analysis and ROI

Get a clear picture of idea input and solution output trend for the company. Identify opportunities and corporate gaps, clarity on team strength and gain perspective on your entire innovation portfolio.


  • First-in-class PowerBI and Tableau integration
  • Activity trends
  • Secure platform with 24*7 support


IdeaScale is a purpose-built tool for connecting your innovation inputs to your innovation outputs. Use IdeaScale to capture, analyze and prioritize customer feedback.

IdeaScale works with the systems you already use.

Enjoy seamless integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Intercom and more!

Ideascale Integrations
Manage Ideas and Ignite Innovation
Solution for Enterprise

Flexible Configuration

Do you use design thinking? LEAN? Your own unique process? IdeaScale’s system can be configured to any process, criteria, and decision maker.

Solution for Enterprise

Idea Portfolio

Track all of your ideas throughout your campaigns and find out where ideas are getting stuck and others are surging forward.

Solution for Enterprise

Single Sign-On

Your crowd doesn’t have to make one more online profile-integrate with the systems that they are already using.

Solution for Enterprise

Mobile Responsive

IdeaScale’s mobile-first design means that you can gather, review, prioritize, and make decisions on ideas from any device.

Solution for Enterprise


View the possibilities by reviewing your incoming ideas dashboard and track reportable impact on your outcomes dashboard.

Solution for Enterprise

Multilingual Communities

No matter where you are in the world, what language you speak-your ideas will be heard with real-time translation & crowd-validated translation.

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