Idea Campaign

Idea campaigns are challenges that organizations set to engage their network on a specific set of questions. These can be about future product releases, company sustainability, cost savings ideation, and ways to better align to overall mission. Whatever the challenge, IdeaScale empowers community members to tailor their inspiration to specific needs and therefore move more ideas further through the idea lifecycle.

Build Team

IdeaScale allows teams to form around promising ideas. Community members can be assigned or volunteer to bring ideas to life.

Custom Fields

By including custom fields on ideas, profiles or campaigns, administrators can gather rich, campaign-specific data.

Campaign Management

You have this innovative community and important campaigns that you need to implement, but you’d prefer an experienced Innovation Strategist to take the wheel to ensure the people, platform and process are all perfectly organized.

An Innovation Strategist will co-manage your campaign after its launch. We are the extra set of eyes and hands when moderating and engaging your community.

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