3 tips for using IdeaScale’s free crowdsourcing platform

free crowdsourcing platform


Working on the Customer Success team, I watch people create dozens of new IdeaScale communities every day. Seemingly overnight, many of them flourish with new users and new posted ideas, often faster than they know what to do with. But in contrast, I also notice communities that struggle to gain traction, only to end up abandoned (queue tumbleweed imagery).

Here are 3 tips to give new users, like you, the best chance at a successful IdeaScale community:

1. Visit our library and read free case studies and resources

All IdeaScale customers start their journey with a question or problem they want to ask the crowd. In our case study library, we have nearly 50 customer case studies that highlight some of the challenges they faced and how each one ultimately reached their goals. Each story is unique and carefully chosen to be featured in our library. Hopefully more than one will provide inspiration for your journey. If you’re looking for an example that you don’t see in our library, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our innovation experts are here to help!

2. Craft a compelling incentive to increase participation

A cash prize is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but from our experience it’s rarely the best option. In many cases, cash prizes can attract less than ideal participants that value winning over participation. My colleague Whitney Bernstein gives an example of a non-monetary incentive here. A carefully crafted incentive that focus on encouraging participation is what I recommend. You never know where the best answer will come from, so participation is key to the success of your community. For more ideas, here is a list of options to consider.

3. Reach out for free support

Live Chat Support is available 24/7 anywhere you’re visiting IdeaScale.com. We pride ourselves on offering live chat support whenever you’re faced with a support issue on our site. A real human being is available to assist if you experience a technical issue or if you just need help finding something on our website!

Our dream is to have every IdeaScale community flourish with an abundance of users and ideas by providing all the resources users need to achieve their goals. If there is something missing that you’d like to see, please let me know by sending an email to [email protected]

This blog post is part of a series authored by IdeaScale employees. It showcases how they’re thinking about crowdsourcing and innovation as part of their daily routine. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

This post is by Jeff Wong, Customer Success Advocate at IdeaScale.

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