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IdeaScale’s top-ranked employee engagement and idea-ignition software empowers direct employee engagement, by capturing the best employee generated ideas in open, yet focused internal forums.

Don’t miss out on engaging employees and igniting their greatest ideas to drive your business.

Idea Management Software by Ideascale

Why Choose IdeaScale for Employee Engagement?

IdeaScale Idea Management

IdeaScale’s #1 ranked employee engagement software helps create an egalitarian, internal and secure online space for free sharing of ideas that engages employees and drives workplace innovation.

Not being heard is the #1 cause of poor employee morale and turnover.


of companies with employee engagement programs achieve 17% higher revenue growth.


of companies with mature employee idea management or innovation programs achieve 25% higher growth.

How Employee Engagement and Employee-Generated Ideas Impact Your Business

Employee Engagement and Retention

By involving employees in the idea management process, businesses can boost employee engagement and retention. Employees who feel their ideas are valued and given the opportunity to contribute to the organization are more likely to be motivated and productive.

Enables Competitive Advantage

Idea Management enables organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offers unique value to customers. By managing ideas effectively and fostering a culture of innovation, businesses can develop new products, services, and business models.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

It can also lead to improved customer satisfaction by offering products and services that meet their evolving needs and expectations. By soliciting feedback and ideas from customers, businesses can identify unmet needs and develop solutions that meet those needs.

How Employee Engagement and Employee-Generated Ideas Impact Your Business

Ideas Meritocracy

Employees want to be given opportunities to let their talents shine. What better way than to contribute and showcase their best ideas to foster creativity and continuous improvement.

An Egalitarian Forum

Hierarchical organizations demoralize employees. IdeaScale’s leading innovation software enables equality of voice. Whether you want to contribute ideas or iterate on others, your voice gets heard.

Diversity and Inclusion

Many people, both historically marginalized groups such as POCs & women, as well as introverts get left out of the traditional brainstorming model. Our software helps them get into the conversation

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