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Effective customer feedback and feedback-led innovation is the key to product success in today’s crowded market. IdeaScale helps you seamlessly onboard customers and collect their feedback on your products/ services in a secure, private and real-time cloud customer feedback platform.

Don’t miss out on capturing the great customer feedback and ideas that drive company innovation and growth.

Idea Management Software by Ideascale

Why Choose Ideascale For Customer Feedback and Innovation-led Growth?

IdeaScale Idea Management

IdeaScale’s #1 ranked customer feedback software helps to transform your business and stay ahead of the competition, by helping organizations turn feedback from real users into cutting-edge innovation. It allows managers and leaders to collaboratively evaluate ideas and feedback collected and drive new feature additions and new product innovations.


Companies with product related idea management or innovation programs achieve higher revenue growth from existing products.


Companies with mature idea management or innovation programs achieve higher growth.

How Customer Feedback Management and Innovation Impact Your Business

Enables Competitive Advantage

Customer Feedback Management enables organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offers unique value to customers. By managing customer/ user feedback and ideas effectively and fostering a culture of innovation, businesses can develop new products, services, and business models.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By offering products and services that meet their evolving needs and expectations, it adds to customer satisfaction with your product and your larger brand. By soliciting feedback and ideas directly from customers businesses can identify unmet needs and develop solutions that meet those needs.

Customer Engagement and Retention

By involving customers in the product feedback process, businesses can boost customer engagement, retention and satisfaction. Customers who feel their feedback is valued and see improvements that better serve their needs, have exponentially better retention and life-time value.

The Importance of Customer Feedback-led Improvement and Innovation

Customer Feedback-led innovation is the process of generating, capturing, organizing, and evaluating new customer feedback that can help organizations improve their products and services.

Effective customer feedback and idea management can be crucial to the success and growth of businesses, as it allows them to innovate, improve and stay ahead of the competition.

Enables companies to generate and develop new ideas that can lead to innovative products, services, and business models.

Helps organizations make better decisions by providing them with a structured process for evaluating ideas and selecting the best ones.

Not just about generating new ideas but also about improving existing processes & products.

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