Stanley Adigun

Embracing The Future: How AI is Reshaping Businesses and Industries

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will play a transformative role in reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace with disruptive innovation revolutionizing the business landscape. This blog will explore several industries that are on brink of substantial AI-induced transformation and

How Big-Box Retailers Can Harness The Power of AI

Artificial intelligence is disrupting every industry today and the retail industry is no exception. In the years to come, the retail sector is going to experience significant changes. The retail industry is one of the largest industries in United States

Stanley Adigun

Stanley has experience working for several Fortune 500 organizations, which has given him exposure to a diverse range of situations and a broad spectrum of knowledge. Stanley embraces creativity and has an open mind to new concepts.

“Innovation is not just about creating new ideas, but it’s also about executing them effectively.” – Jeff Bezos