Megan Wright

AI Advancements Propel Army’s Military Capabilities

Like many sectors, the military has begun rapidly implementing artificial intelligence into military operations over the past few years. The adoption of AI systems has allowed them to perform complex tasks with minimal human intervention, proving invaluable in diverse military

All About UC San Diego’s In-House AI Assistant, Triton GPT

In the fast-paced world of academia, efficiency and innovation are key. That’s where TritonGPT comes in. Developed by UC San Diego and housed within the San Diego Supercomputer Center, TritonGPT is an in-house AI-powered assistant tailored specifically for administrative tasks.

Nationwide Survey Reveals State Government User Satisfaction

State governments, in the contemporary digital landscape, aim to furnish citizens with services that are efficient and user-friendly. But how satisfied are people with the services they receive? A recent survey conducted by Qualtrics in collaboration with Code for America