TTI Group, a trailblazer in delivering top-notch consumer, professional, and industrial products for the home improvement, repair, and construction sectors, has consistently pursued innovation excellence. Today, we unravel their remarkable journey of idea cultivation through IdeaScale, propelling their innovation initiatives to unprecedented heights.

A Strategic Initiative

In late 2012, TTI Group, already recognized as an “Innovation Machine,” set out on a mission to elevate their innovation endeavors. Acknowledging the crucial role of Idea Management, they meticulously assessed various software options, ultimately selecting IdeaScale as their innovation partner. Thus, the Idea Farm was born.

Cultivating Innovation with IdeaScale

TTI’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of IdeaScale in driving innovation:

  • Engaging Challenges: TTI introduced diverse challenge levels to boost engagement, encouraging their workforce to contribute ideas capable of redefining their industry.
  • A Bounty of Ideas: In a mere four months, TTI’s team harvested an impressive 2,000 ideas, showcasing the vibrant culture of innovation they fostered.
  • Integrated Innovation: IdeaScale seamlessly became an integral part of TTI’s product development lifecycle, facilitating the transformation of ideas into tangible products and solutions.

A Testimonial to Excellence

In the words of Ryan Harrison, Senior Concept Designer at TTI, “When it comes to intuitive user engagement and value for cost, IdeaScale’s offering far outstrips Spigit. IdeaScale’s ability to customize and the level of service make it the preferable choice when looking to engage large groups of people and organize large groups of rich, qualitative data.”

TTI Group’s narrative stands as a testimonial to the transformative power of IdeaScale in cultivating innovation and driving excellence. Together, they have unlocked a wealth of ideas that shape the future of their industry.

Igniting Innovation

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