Four Ways to Refine Your Innovation Process

Just like innovation itself, an innovation program is constantly being shaped by the environment around it over time. A good innovation program absorbs new information and ideas constantly. So how do you refine it? 1. Look For Feedback Your innovation

How To Tackle Inflation With Innovation

Highlights In 2022, inflation is being driven by a complex mix of pandemic aftereffects, changing labor markets, supply chain shocks, and geopolitical concerns. Innovative companies are using inflation as an opportunity to reexamine assumptions and make needed changes. Smart

Four Exercises to try in your next Virtual Whiteboarding Session

Whiteboarding is a critical part of the brainstorming process that helps you realize the full potential of your ideas. With remote and hybrid work becoming standard across the country, virtual whiteboarding session have become inherent parts of the online workspace.

How Innovation Can Aid a Weakened, Post-Pandemic Economy

Highlights Innovation strategy will be crucial to overcoming the post-COVID pandemic challenges faced by global economies. The pandemic has highlighted inequalities and potential solutions, giving innovative teams the chance to turn challenges into opportunities as we reach a new social

Why Successful Innovation is a Marathon and Not a Sprint

Highlights Despite seeming to appear out of nowhere, most great innovations are the culmination of years or even decades of work from multiple entities. Innovation strategy should be built around the idea of industry-changing innovation taking years and broken into

How Better Access to Data is Improving Government Innovation

Highlights Government innovation is being increasingly centered around data access, such as big and open linked data (BOLD). The Federal Data Strategy (FDS) is helping government agencies break down silos and use similar methods of organizing data and building data-sharing

How Innovation is Transforming the Way We Approach Disabilities

Highlights Innovation to help those with disabilities is needed to overcome policy, attitude, communication, and physical barriers. Many disabilities are invisible, with people laboring under them to live and work. Innovation strategy can create needed equity for people with all