Harness the innovative power of your Microsoft Teams network with IdeaScale

What’s Microsoft Teams?

Source ideas from your crowd where they’re already hanging out: Microsoft Teams. Easily add innovation to your collaboration with the IdeaScale Microsoft Teams Integration

Download the Microsoft Teams Integration

How to Install

Step 1. Download the Microsoft Teams integration zip file (above)

Step 2. Open Microsoft Teams. 

Step 3.  Navigate to the Apps menu (bottom left) and click “Upload a custom app”

Step 4. Upload the zip file (some administrative clearance may be required).

Step 5. When a good idea pops up, easily log it to your IdeaScale community. Moderators can approve incoming ideas or new community members. Watch your community fill up with good ideas without having to drive traffic to a whole new site.

Share ideas directly from teams.

Add to Microsoft Teams

Attribute it to the appropriate campaign and all the relevant details.

Add to Microsoft Teams

Check in on trending ideas and see campaign details.

Add to Microsoft Teams

Easily Add and Approve Ideas or Members

Add to Microsoft Teams