Innovation is Always an Opportunity for Learning

Innovation programs generate more than ideas and new products, they generate data and insights that can inform your strategic direction. Even if your campaign goes through a round of ideation [...]

Innovation is Always an Opportunity for Learning2022-04-05T20:58:16+00:00

Do you know how to select the best idea?

Good innovators recognize that our ability to create meaningful, positive change doesn’t just depend on gathering good ideas, but on our ability to recognize great ideas. That means that we [...]

Do you know how to select the best idea?2022-04-05T20:57:53+00:00

What You Can Learn at

On July 1, we launched a new partnership with (IM), the world’s leading platform for cutting-edge innovation management content, best practices, and online training programs. IM is a great [...]

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3 Goals of Sustainable Innovation

We’re all familiar with a contest model of crowdsourcing. A contest model often presents a targeted, prompted invitation to participate in a crowdsourcing moment, usually with a deadline. But what [...]

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What Does it Mean to "Manage Innovation?"

image courtesy of derek bruff via flickr There are numerous types of innovation – from incremental and research innovation to disruptive or breakthrough innovation. But for any organization [...]

What Does it Mean to "Manage Innovation?"2021-03-02T19:08:58+00:00

Getting Over the Popularity Contest

  image credit to marco digitalstream via flickr Leveraging crowd wisdom works on the premise that individuals or organizations can benefit from a collective group of knowledge. One [...]

Getting Over the Popularity Contest2021-03-02T19:09:16+00:00