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Chain of Command vs. Flattened Organizational Structure

flattened organization

One of the reasons that people love a crowdsourced innovation program is that it levels the playing field for ideas. Yes, the CEO or Commander might have the best idea, but maybe the most transformative ideas can come from someone who just joined the company or someone working on the front lines of the organization … Continued

Innovation is Always an Opportunity for Learning

Innovation programs generate more than ideas and new products, they generate data and insights that can inform your strategic direction. Even if your campaign goes through a round of ideation without resulting in any ideas that you’re going to implement, there’s still a wealth of information that you’ll want to parse, manage, and explore. It’s … Continued

Do you know how to select the best idea?

how to evaluate ideas

Good innovators recognize that our ability to create meaningful, positive change doesn’t just depend on gathering good ideas, but on our ability to recognize great ideas. That means that we get a lot of questions from our customers about how to select the best idea – things like “how do I prioritize good ideas when … Continued

What You Can Learn at

On July 1, we launched a new partnership with (IM), the world’s leading platform for cutting-edge innovation management content, best practices, and online training programs. IM is a great complement to the services that IdeaScale already provides, and as part of the partnership, we will now offer IM training programs to existing and future … Continued