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Why Should You Conduct a Supervisor Evaluation Survey?

Supervisor Evaluation Survey

Evaluation and feedback are important factors that contribute towards an employee’s overall growth in an organization. Every employee intends to work harder with each passing day and deliver the best possible results. Employee evaluation is a usual process in a startup as well as a multinational organization. Gone are the days where yearly reviews used … Continued

What is a Conference Feedback Survey?

Conference Feedback Survey

Conference feedback surveys are sent out to participants after they attend a conference to learn from them the areas which can be improved and those that they appreciate. Insights collected from a conference feedback can be influential in constantly elevating efforts of conducting impeccable conferences. Which speakers were loved, were the staff members helpful at … Continued

There’s a Lot to Learn About Crowdsourcing

Meet Jeroen. He’s pursuing a Masters in marketing management in the Erasmus program in the Netherlands. And he’s writing his thesis on the subject of crowdsourcing. Why is he interested? Why is this his focus? Because in the past four years the research and attention to crowdsourcing has been thriving. And the playing field for crowdsourcing … Continued