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The 2017 Innovation Management Awards Are Open

For the fifth year in a row, IdeaScale is hosting the Innovation Management Awards. This annual contest is open to all IdeaScale customers who have a story to share. Particularly if that story demonstrates innovation thought leadership when it comes to engagement strategies, innovation processes, or idea implementation. And this year (as every year), IdeaScale … Continued

Is Innovation Just a Buzzword?

is innovation just a buzzword

I moved to the Bay Area three years ago for an exciting new job with IdeaScale. From the first week in town I was meeting new people constantly—people here really love networking. It was amazing, it was exciting, it was … endless. When everyone is looking for their next opportunity, social gatherings can easily resemble … Continued

Why is giving to charity better than giving money?

With IdeaBuzz, IdeaScale’s new community platform, participants are incentivized by translating time into charitable giving. To some, charitable giving might seem like no incentive at all. Why is giving to charity better than giving money, you might ask? Why would community members want to be members at all when they could give their time to … Continued

The Difficulty of Building a Crowd

“The hardest part of crowdsourcing is to achieve critical mass and sustain the volume and activity of the crowd.” – Jeff Howe Journalist and crowdsourcing advocate Jeff Howe hit the nail on the head with his above quote. One of the things we hear most often from the crowdsourcing community is the difficulty of not … Continued