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Introducing YourSay Show: A Real-World Adventure Game

YourSay Show is a social real-world adventure game that caters to the crowd. Except instead of keeping the game in the virtual world, its impact extends into the real world. Players start by entering ideas for what they would do with $5,000, then those players earn points by voting for ideas they like and try … Continued

Crowdsourcing and the Game Industry

Everything is a game these days – where you’re going for dinner is now an opportunity to become “mayor” of a location on Foursquare or working to identify deep space transmissions for SETI in order to be their most avid contributor, to say nothing of straight-up games like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Recently, … Continued

Market Research is Always Growing Up

In case you don’t know, Survey Analytics is a market research company that works with clients in helping them not only gather information about their customers, but also helps them listen to their customers. Recently, Survey Analytics President and CEO, Vivek Bhaskaran created a presentation with client Kevin Keeker of Zynga Games on how to … Continued

Calling all Gamers: the Rising Trend in Crowdsourcing Games

In recent years, crowdsourcing technology has begun to engage gamers – a pool of incredibly focused individuals who spend hours glued to their computers or mobile devices every day. These tech-savvy folks (who prefer to relax by rearranging colored blocks or helping animated moles build bridges) have been simultaneously organizing genetic code, designing RNA models, … Continued