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Business Disruption through Innovation and Why It’s Important


Disruption is good for business. It’s global and can happen in any industry, at any time. “Disruption” is a popular buzzword, but if you stop and think about it, experiencing disruption is not something we, as people, enjoy. Disruption is massive, rapid, and most likely permanent change, and that can be difficult to go through. … Continued

5 Epic Innovation Failures (And What We Can Learn From Them)


Every handshake is the beginning of something great. It just may take longer to get there than you realize. Technological innovation can seem, in hindsight, like a straight line traveled on a clear path. But as you walk down it, you realize the path to brilliance isn’t clear, straight or well-lit, and the road is … Continued

Three Reasons Why Facebook is Not an Ideation Platform

Many companies think they are crowdsourcing innovation because they engage their Facebook followers in discussion around new products. Here are three reasons why this is faulty thinking: 1. A blunt instrument Facebook lets followers “like” a comment or idea, and that’s fine if you’re asking people what color they’d like to paint the office walls, … Continued

Getting Personal With Crowdfunding

When one of my best friends departed the city I was living in, I manned up against my petty, egocentric instincts that were inclined to tie her to a chair until she changed her mind and decided to stay and decided (instead) to throw her a jubilant farewell party with all of her nearest and … Continued

A Look Back at 2012, A Look Forward to 2013

Welcome to the new year! 2012 was a busy time at IdeaScale. We’ve made a lot of changes and added a cornucopia of new offerings to our platform. But isn’t January better with another Top Five list? So, we’ve picked out our five favorite new features from 2012 and have also included a sneak peek … Continued