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Where to Get New Ideas… How About the Romanian Food Festival?

where to get new ideas

Our family had so much fun at the Smithsonian’s Military Invention Day three weeks ago, we decided to hit the town again and join up with fellow IdeaScale colleague, Matt Paulson, and his family and head to Potomac, MD for the Romanian Food Festival. Matt spent two years in Romania with the Peace Corps. It’s where … Continued

13 Things to Know About Crowdsourcing

Things to Know About Crowdsourcing

United Way is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities  across  more than 40  countries and territories worldwide. As the largest privately-funded nonprofit in the world, United Way creates solutions that build stronger communities. United Ways are improving education, strengthening financial stability and making communities healthier. But they don’t do it alone. Nearly 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 … Continued

There’s a Lot to Learn About Crowdsourcing

Meet Jeroen. He’s pursuing a Masters in marketing management in the Erasmus program in the Netherlands. And he’s writing his thesis on the subject of crowdsourcing. Why is he interested? Why is this his focus? Because in the past four years the research and attention to crowdsourcing has been thriving. And the playing field for crowdsourcing … Continued