enterprise innovation

What is enterprise innovation?

Enterprise innovation is the practice of identifying significant, positive change and introducing it in the enterprise environment.

How can IdeaScale change enterprise innovation for me?

IdeaScale is enterprise innovation management software. If an enterprise-level business is looking to launch an innovation program, they often use IdeaScale to manage the innovation process. This is because IdeaScale has a proven track record of helping businesses gather great ideas, identify the best ones, and implementing them with business-impacting results.

Some businesses use IdeaScale to identify great ideas to change a product. These enterprise-level companies find ideas for existing product improvements or ideas for new product lines from within their community of collaborators. Sometimes these collaborators are employees, sometimes they are customers, but in every case, they all become evangelists for the end-result. Open innovation helps to ensure that the ideas are always fresh and that they can come from anywhere.

Some businesses use IdeaScale to identify opportunities for revenue growth or cost-savings. Whether it’s to find new offerings or to find ways of saving money, IdeaScale eliminates any barriers that might isolate an innovation group and helps them tap into the innate knowledge of their employees, customers, and fans. Sometimes these stories even save enterprises by helping them find new ways to close the profitability gap.

All of these ideas, of course, must be evaluated against business-relevant criteria in order to find the best ideas that will have the highest level of impact on the enterprise. Using sophisticated business assessment tools, it is possible to evaluate ideas against weighted values and costs and identify the ideas that most align to business goals.

The best enterprise innovation programs, of course, also report on the most successful programs in order to encourage ongoing innovation and continued participation by their IdeaScale community members.