Open Nation 2018

Learn from leading innovators in every industry

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Open Nation is IdeaScale’s annual customer summit.

It is a live, invite-only event that allows top performing IdeaScale administrators and moderators to connect with each other and hear from other innovation management practitioners. Open Nation covers a range of topics and themes, but will specifically cover subjects in (at least) these key areas:

  • Generating engagement in IdeaScale communities
  • How to ensure that your ideas are implemented
  • How to measure innovation ROI (either monetary or intangible)

Attendees at Open Nation will return to their innovation management programs armed with new communications tactics, new tactics to impact innovation culture, and other innovation best practices and will receive a certification for attending all lectures and completing all workshops.

Preview some of the sessions below:

Crowdsourcing for Good

Learn how nonprofits and public sector organizations make a difference with the help of their crowd.

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From Ideation to Implementation: Managing an Innovation Pipeline as a Team of One

Keeping an innovation pipeline full of ideas, even really good ideas, isn’t as much of a challenge as what to do with those ideas once you have them.

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Building a Crowdsourcing Program: A Cyclical Growth Story

An overview of the evolution of CDER’s crowdsourcing program from market research to a systematic program that embraces continual improvement.

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If You Build It, They Will Come: Activating the Employee Voice

From informing meeting agendas to initiating policy changes, OpenAMC encourages a more inclusive discussion and provides the framework for 2,700 administrative employees to share their voice.

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New Products, Better Processes

Covia discusses how their team launched IdeaScale to achieve effective crowdsourcing and how they have integrated IdeaScale into their stage Gate product development process.

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From Participant to Start-Up

Learn from CEC YouthforInnovation Challenge Winners, SoulMUCH. Going from being a user in an IdeaScale competition to an international competition to launching your own start-up.

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Event Details:

  • October 24th – Meet with your Account Manager.
  • October 25th – Presentations by Leading Innovators
  • October 26th – Tours of Bay Area Companies

Attendance will offer attendees the chance to meet with an IdeaScale contact (optional) in addition to the full day of programming on the 25th as well as the chance to attend a behind-the-scenes innovation tour of Silicon Valley companies on Friday, October 26th.

Cost to attend is $1,200. Registration is included for valued IdeaScale customers.

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