Your Next Innovation Campaign

Your Next Innovation CampaignYou’ve got some new ideas! Great job! But now what? Well, there are two very important things that need to happen to make your crowdsourced innovation community a success. First, you need to make sure to implement ideas. And if you’re not sure how to make that happen, give our idea implementation webinar a watch! But while you’re doing that, you have to keep your crowd engaged with new problems to solve and active listening on their suggestions. So if you’re thinking about launching your next innovation campaign, there are a few formats for other problems that need solving at your organization. Here are some formats to choose from.

Better, Faster, Cheaper. Pick something (really, anything) at your organization and ask for a way to do it better. It could be your product, it could be a way that you’re conducting business. Since nothing’s perfect, you’ll be surprised at the number of ways that you can go about improving it.

Incentivized Challenge. Do you have a big goal to meet or a new challenge to overcome? Offer a reward to someone who pitches a complete solution and see what your network comes up with.

Trend Tracking. Look for new trends and hear what other people are thinking about. Is it a new business model? Are people particularly interested in a new technology. What are your front line employees hearing from your customers? Start organizing the trends that are going to impact your future.

Groundtruthing. Maybe you already have some ideas that have come from another team or the company leadership. Test them out in your community. Share them, get feedback and find out what resonates with your crowd.

What should our next campaign be about? Still not sure what needs to be changed? Well, ask your crowd. They probably have some problems that they’d like to see addressed. Turn one of their suggestions into your next innovation campaign.

For more ideas about what to address in your next innovation campaign, download our infographic here. 

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