ideas crowdsourcingWhat is ideas crowdsourcing and how to implement it now?

Crowdsourcing is sometimes referred to as network intelligence, sometimes it’s called micro-tasking, sometimes it’s mass collaboration, open innovation, collective wisdom and there are many other terms besides. Ideas crowdsourcing is when any individual or organization reaches out to a large network of people for great ideas that serve a purpose. defines ideas crowdsourcing as open innovation. In this case, they define it as the “use of sources outside of the entity or group to generate, develop and implement ideas. In a world of widely distributed knowledge, where the boundaries between a firm and its environment have become more permeable, companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research and ideas to maintain a competitive advantage.” The ideas can be just about anything: product development, process improvement, cost savings ideas, inventions, business maturation, citizen engagement, city planning and the list goes on and on.

Watch the video below and hear Rob Wilmot touch on essential points of crowdsourcing. The video guides you through bringing in more people to create a tight knit community of crowdsourced ideas.

How do you crowdsource with IdeaScale?

IdeaScale has distinguished itself in the field of open innovation. This means of all the activities that are possible within the field of crowdsourcing, IdeaScale focuses primarily on the collection, organization, and implementation of great ideas. It is not a platform that is focused on crowd creativity or crowdfunding although both features are accessible from within the IdeaScale platform. Instead, IdeaScale has built out a comprehensive methodology that is entirely focused on gathering great ideas, building teams around them, refining those ideas into meaningful pitches, and selecting the best ideas to help build an effective organization.

So with IdeaScale, organizations get much more than access to a good set of ideas – they become capable of transforming their business with the collaborative help of the crowd who will populate their innovation pipeline with ideas that will help propel their organization forward. Those businesses that collaborate with the crowd also benefit in numerous other ways: employee or customer relations, improved brand sentiment, product development roadmap, and much more.