Remember that super idea you had last year for a new service that had real potential to make life easier for customers while boosting revenue for your company? Whatever happened to it? Was it properly aired and vetted within your organization, or did it end up like 99% of good ideas — briefly tossed around in a conference room or email thread, before being forgotten and overtaken by new priorities? If your idea falls into the latter category, you’re not alone. While large companies know that many of the best product, partnership, and management ideas come from the edges of an organization, not every company has a systematic way of processing them. That’s where IdeaScale software comes in. It’s a browser-based tool that lets companies leverage a much larger group of employees to internally crowdsource the tasks related to idea generation and better identify those ideas that have real potential. IdeaScale is a world class idea management solution that includes out of the box tools for small business up to Enterprise.