How PSA International Has Transformed Idea Creation

Port with multiple shipping containers.

PSA International has been named as a winner of the IdeaScale 2020 Innovation Awards. Known for building an inclusive innovation process, PSA used the IdeaScale platform to create iCAN. It is used to provide a place for any business to ideate on any topic and is a valuable resource.

Topics range from sustainability to improvements in the workplace, financial transformation, and more. They host 30 domain-centric campaigns, many of which are ongoing. Their platform allows PSA to source new ideas, route them to appropriate decision-makers, and rapidly implement them.

About the 2020 Innovation Management Awards

IdeaScale selected innovation management awards in three categories. These were: best engagement, process, and implementation. The submission deadline was April 10, 2020, and winners were announced the following month.

Best engagement was awarded to the company that showed the highest level of engagement in the most creative ways. Best innovation process was awarded to the community who demonstrated the most effective processes for idea evaluation.

Best innovation went to the community who made the most impactful idea a reality. This includes new products, processes, shifts in thinking, or market focus.

The winners in each category got a %5 discount on their 2020 subscription to the IdeaScale platform. They also received an Apple Watch, a promotional PR packet, and a VIP pass to the 2020 Open Nation Conference.

About PSA International

PSA have been innovators since the beginning. From their days as a Singapore statutory board to their current status as a corporate multinational, they remain relevant.

PSA began in Singapore 48 years ago as a single container terminal. They have since become one of the largest port operators in the world.

The company embodies the value of innovation by giving employees a place to improve on ideas and implement change. They recognize it can’t take place without the right tools. A 2010 survey revealed 84% of executives reported it is crucial to company growth, and PSA is continuing to support global efforts.

In 2018, they created Innovation Vision 2022.

PSA understands innovation is vital. It results in progress by moving an organization forward.

Staff worker wearing a hard hat standing next to a shipping container.

Staff is continually challenged to innovate at PSA. Innovation Vision 2022 was established to inspire managers and teams to personify the innovation mindset at all organizational levels.

PSA recognizes collaboration is essential for innovation to take place. This helps companies realize their overall vision more efficiently and gives them a competitive edge in their respective industries.

PSA created an innovation strategy that includes employee engagement. This strategy is regularly updated, so it is always relevant.

PSA encourages its staff to submit ideas through their IdeaScale platform. This feedback is vital for positive change to occur.

PSA has created an innovation culture that inspires other companies to do the same. Recent statistics reveal 57% of companies report that internally fostering a culture of experimentation is a challenge.

PSA’s virtual idea sharing platform brings everyone together in one place. It allows them to share and cultivate ideas so they can be organized, prioritized, and implemented. It eliminates barriers so all employees, regardless of location, can participate.

As PSA continue raising the bar for innovation, their efforts will extend to various industries. This is what influences organizational growth, and is why they are a winner of the IdeaScale 2020 Innovation Awards.

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