Is Innovation Just a Buzzword?

I moved to the Bay Area three years ago for an exciting new job with IdeaScale. From the first week in town I was meeting new people constantly—people here really [...]

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Innovation is a Team Sport

  “It takes a village to raise a child,” and to build a strong innovation program. You’ve read the research—crowdsourcing and open innovation are powerful tools for organizations of all [...]

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Addiction Research: There’s an App for That!

With over 101 million in the US alone, iPhone users make up a sizable population. Imagine the value a population that size holds for researchers in medical fields like Diabetes, [...]

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Challenge to Advance Drug Abuse and Addiction Research

As of 2012 approximately 23.1 million Americans suffered from drug or alcohol abuse or dependence, while only 2.5 million actually received treatment for their dependence or abuse from a specialty facility. From current addicts to future substance abusers to their families and friends, these issues affect our nation daily. The National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA is running a series of open innovation challenges targeted to drive advancements in the research of drug abuse and addiction treatment methods, systems, and approaches from outside of their organization and traditional networks.

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