Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change management is the process by which businesses and government entities identify great opportunities for change and make those ideas into organizational realities.

How can you use IdeaScale for change management?

IdeaScale is change management software that allows businesses to ask for great ideas that can come from anywhere and then identify the best ideas through a collaborative process and then deliver on those ideas by building teams that will transform those ideas from an idea into a reality.

Administrators start by configuring an IdeaScale community where they will ask for great ideas from their network. Once the community is ready, they share it across the digital ecosystem and gather great ideas from anywhere.

After a company has gathered a lot of great ideas, they begin to evaluate them using different tools to see if they worth investigating further. Some of those tools include crowd voting, idea flagging, and more. But once they’ve identified a healthy set of ideas, it’s up to the experts to invite others to create a promising pitch.

But no idea should be built without first being asked if it is relevant to the business or organization, so each pitch is assessed against weighted business-specific criteria and then prioritized based on its ROI and business importance.

Throughout the process, it is possible to inform teams, stakeholders, and the network that first generated the idea of its progress as it becomes a reality and in that way, it becomes both a platform for collaboration and communication, as well as a platform for managing change.

Sometimes these changes become more than just an organizational change (like a new product or business efficiency) and they instead become a movement – something that changes the world by developing a new market or a broad based solution that changes how we look at the world around us.


IdeaScale allows the integration of Google Analytics or any other web trafficking tools into your IdeaScale code.

Email & Notification Tools

Email and announcements are powerful engagement tools and all notification preferences can be set by community admins at the outset of a campaign.

Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

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