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4 Ways to Use Google Analytics in IdeaScale

As you may already know, it’s pretty easy to integrate Google Analytics with IdeaScale (seriously, we’re talking data insights that are basically 2-3 clicks away). But maybe you don’t yet know what sorts of things you might want to look at in Google Analytics. Here are some great ways to learn more about your community. … Continued

Free New Feature Demonstration: IdeaScale Stages

Last week we updated you on our new upcoming feature, IdeaScale Stages. Stages will allow for the further development of ideas beyond the ideation stage. As the name suggests, the feature presents three new stages that will help to see selected ideas through to their implementation: Build a Team, Refine, and Assess. The stages will … Continued

Coming Soon: IdeaScale Stages Live Demo!

Picture this: you’re an organization that is looking for a way to engage your community or to instigate a crowdsourcing challenge. You utilize IdeaScale to gather ideas and have the community participate in voting and elaboration of proposals; essentially, to get the innovation ball rolling. Up to this point, IdeaScale has been instrumental in getting … Continued