IdeaLytics Offers New Data Visualization

3.5_inch_Retina_Image1It’s not just about gathering information anymore, it’s about how you share that information, about how you make sense of it. It’s the difference between data and data that leads to action. Just ask the authors of Big Data.

There are numerous ways of looking at information and the information offered by an IdeaScale community presents iPad_image_2_768*1024numerous insights about the network that created it: the rate of idea growth, what the audience is most concerned with, how quickly you’re responding to their needs. To understand how you can improve both your innovation experience and theirs, you need to track where you’re at and how you can improve.

3.5_inch_Retina_Image2.pngIdeaScale has partnered with SecondPrism in order to respond to this need and created what we like to call IdeaLytics. SecondPrism’s mobile, touch-interactive charts have five custom dashboards for every IdeaScale community. Administrators can view and share different community information, including ideas by status, category, content visualization in the form of a rotating tag cloud, and more. They are built for touch screens on all iOS technology as well as numerous Android devices (Galaxy, Kindle Fire, etc.). And once the community is synchronized online, all data can be viewed in an offline context, as well.4_inch_image_retina_2

We are a mobile workforce and our enterprises our mobile as well, our information needs to be portable and available at all times. That’s how we want you viewing your IdeaLytics, as well (mobile and active). So go ahead and find out what it’s all about by downloading the IdeaLytics app from the app store today.

What stories does your community data tell? Why should data be interactive?

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