Western Australia Police is one of eight police jurisdictions in Australia and is responsible for policing the world’s largest single jurisdiction. Covering 2.5 million square kilometers in two regions, Western Australia Police is comprised of 11 districts and 157 police stations. In order to better serve the public, Western Australia Police launched the Frontline 2020 initiative to source and select ideas from a workforce of 8,000 officers and public servants. This team used IdeaScale to develop a Frontline Innovation Portal to capture and promote those workforce ideas, particularly those around reducing ‘red-tape’ and unnecessary process. 

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  • Western Australia Police moved more than 1,100 ideas to completion
  • Engaged more than 50% of their workforce
  • Saved millions of dollars and thousands of man hours

IdeaScale provided a platform that was actively being used by the majority of a large and varied workforce. This solution has proven to be an amazing way to engage our people in reform.” – Steven Brown, Deputy Commissioner