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How to Draw Innovation Inspiration From Customer Data

Data is the most valuable tool that any business has access to today.  With the right insights, you can determine which of your marketing strategies generate the most return on investment or which audience you should target with your new product to earn the most revenue. Data can show you where you sit in your … Continued

Creativity and Innovation Training That Drives Intrapraneurship

Many of the conveniences and necessities we enjoy on a daily basis are a direct result of entrepreneurship. At one point, someone had a great business idea, converted that idea into something tangible, and grew a successful company. But, what separates an entrepreneur from an intrapreneur? The main difference lies in the settings in which … Continued

Why Project Teams Frequently Fail at Brainstorming

Introduction: How often have we heard executives and project managers say, “We need to come up with some new ideas” or “We need to find some elegant solutions to this project problem”? The project manager then sends out e-mails to all the team members with the hope of filling every available seat in a conference … Continued

Leadership in a Pandemic

Attention all leaders: you need to take care of yourself right now.  We need strong leaders. They help us grow and remove obstacles on our path to success. They do this well because they are confident, resilient and inspiring. But it’s what you don’t see right now that is cause for concern. Leaders are silently … Continued